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FlatZacWilson’s many appearances are considered commentary and parody of what an avid Travel Enthusiast looks like.

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With regards to the many appearances of FlatZacWilson, including but not limited to FlatZacWilson proudly wearing his Mouse Ears and Mouseketeer T-shirt (both purchased while vacationing at Walt Disney World for personal use – not provided by Disney), FlatZacWilson is simply celebrating and demonstrating his love for the Disney brand and is in no way affiliated with the Walt Disney Travel Company. FlatZacWilson’s many appearances are considered commentary and parody of what an avid Travel Enthusiast looks like. His appearances should in no way imply a relationship between this “paper man on a stick” traveler and the companies whose clothing he has purchased and proudly wears. I’m sure we can all agree FlatZacWilson proudly wearing the products he has purchased from popular companies is far superior to the idea of naked FlatZacWilson. FlatZacWilson is not a NASCAR driver and does not sell advertising to companies in the form of product placement. In order to maintain the integrity of FlatZacWilson’s critical reviews, no money has been received or solicited in an effort to persuade the context of the FlatZacWilson Blog.

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