Disneyland Vacation Package…What’s in it?

UPS just knocked on my door and delivered a package from Disneyland … Signature Required! It must be important. What’s in it?

Complimentary Mickey and Minnie Luggage Tags! … and a mysterious envelope …

The luggage tags are cute and fun. They add to the excitement of your upcoming trip. The question I get asked most often is whether or not these are important when using Disneyland Resort Express Transportation. The short answer is “No”. They are just cute. With the Disneyland Resort Express (DRE) you will need to collect your own bags from baggage claim and then follow the signs (or ask an airport employee to point you in the right direction) to the Disneyland Resort Express Bus. Make sure you have your DRE vouchers ready. Hopefully you packed them in your carry on luggage or purse for easy access.

The Mysterious Envelope … What’s in it?

First we are greeted with a nice Welcome Letter and a Receipt for our vacation package purchase and an itemized list of everything included.

And … another mysterious envelope! Ok, so not so mysterious … it literally states “YOUR TICKETS ARE INSIDE!”.

There are many “Tickets” and “Vouchers” inside the envelope. The first tickets you’ll find are your PARK TICKETS. Hopefully you got the “Park Hopper” feature with your tickets so you can enjoy both Disneyland Park and California Adventure every day and not be stuck only enjoying one or the other. If you’re staying at one of the three Disney Resort Hotels then you’ll also get to experience Magic Mornings with a one hour early entrance before everyone else. It’s important to utilize this hour to acquire a Fast Pass to a favorite ride for later and then enjoy popular rides while the lines are shorter.

Disneyland Park Hopper Tickets:


No visit to Disneyland is complete without a Character Dining experience. Save money by purchasing an experience in advance. There are several to choose from depending on your family’s favorite characters. The food is buffet style so there is sure to be something to please all the picky eaters in your family and no one will go away hungry. Always have your camera (aka iPhone) ready to snap some great shots with your favorite characters. Even though you’ve paid for your Character Dining in advance, you still need to make a RESERVATION! Disneyland Dining will help you make your reservations up to 60 days in advance either online or by calling (714)-781-3463. I highly recommend making reservations for any and all Table Service meals, especially Character Dining.

Hotel Voucher:

Ok, so not as exciting or necessary as your park tickets, but you should read it to confirm your reservation. When you arrive at the Front Desk of your resort all you really need is your ID. It’s not like Disney can’t find your room if you lose this receipt. Just make sure the details are correct. If you have an issue contact your Travel Agent. I hope you used a Travel Agent, after all it’s complimentary. TIP: When planning a Disney vacation, use a Travel Agent who works with “An Authorized Disney Vacation Planner” agency. Disney invests a lot into their training, marketing and even pays their commissions. They are awesome people who want to help make sure you get the most out of your Disney vacation. I’ll make it easy on you: email Zac Wilson at FlatZacWilson@gmail.com

Disneyland Resort Express Vouchers (Both Arrival and Departure):

  • Make sure you have BOTH arrival and departure vouchers.
  • Check the dates and confirm they are correct.
  • Make sure each person in your travel party has a voucher.
  • Confirm the AIRPORT. You don’t want your voucher to say LAX if you’re flying into SNA Orange County!
  • If you have any special requests call: 1-800-828-6699

Magical Extras!

Magical Extras are extra fun to make sure you’ll call Disneyland the Happiest Place on Earth. While the offerings do change from time to time, currently they include a 10% savings card at Downtown Disney District, a free 5×7 photo from Disney Photo Pass, collectible Pin & Lanyard voucher, and a discount coupon for the ESPN Fun Zone. Make sure you make time to explore the Downtown Disney District. It’s filled with shopping, dining and more. It’s almost like a third park!

What’s Missing?

Air Travel: If you booked your air travel as part of your Disneyland vacation package you will have received a Confirmation Number or Record Locator Number. It’s found on your emailed Disneyland Receipt. Although Disney has sold you the airline tickets, they do not own or operate the airline. You will need to use that Confirmation Number to Check-In online or call the airline for further information. Online Check-In typically is available only 24 hours prior to departure. Please contact whichever airline you’re traveling with in advance for any questions or concerns. This is one area that Disney cannot assist you with and often times it’s best if you call direct rather than contacting your Travel Agent. As airline security increases, they would prefer to speak directly with you.

Fast Pass: If you have visited Walt Disney World in Florida then you are familiar with their Fast Pass system. Disneyland California is very different. Unlike Walt Disney World’s system that allows you to reserve your Fast Passes 60 days in advance, Disneyland’s Fast Pass system is a paper ticket that you acquire at Fast Pass locations in the park. Cast Members are available to help you, but it’s quite simple. Go the the Fast Pass Kiosk located at a popular ride/attraction and acquire a Fast Pass ticket. It will give you a time to return later and utilize the Fast Pass express line. While you’re waiting for your return time, go enjoy another attraction and then come back. Essentially it’s like waiting in line once for two rides. You wait in one line, ride that ride, then go to your Fast Pass ride and use the express line. Bang! Two rides for the wait of one. After you use your Fast Pass go to another Kiosk and acquire another one. Less waiting, more fun.

FlatZacWilson: Now I’m being silly. FlatZacWilson of course is just my way of having some fun with you! FlatZacWilson is NOT associated with the Walt Disney Travel Co. or any other agency. To learn more about what FlatZacWilson is click here. If you would like to join the adventure and take FlatZacWilson with you simply download this photo onto your phone:

Have someone take of picture of you holding your phone with this picture proudly displayed, or print him out onto paper and cut him out to carry with you. Some have even laminated him and glued him to a popsicle stick for easy use! Check out my Instagram #FlatZacWilson to discover the adventures of FlatZacWilson!

Please be kind and only take appropriate pictures of FlatZacWilson. Share your pictures on Social Media with the hashtag #FlatZacWilson, or send them to me so I can share them on my Instagram. I’d love to see where he goes next! Maybe someday he’ll visit Disneyland Paris, or Disneyland Tokyo.

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One comment on “Disneyland Vacation Package…What’s in it?
  1. Press Release Update from Disneyland and Disney Travel News December 19th 2017:

    “In an effort to enhance our flexibility and Guest responsiveness, we’re changing our fulfillment process for Disneyland® Resort Packages in 2018.

    Effective for arrivals beginning Jan. 10, 2018, all package vouchers will be delivered directly to the Guests’ hotel. This includes Resort Hotels and Good Neighbor Hotels, including San Diego, Los Angeles and Beach Properties. If a Guest has a reservation at multiple hotels, the package vouchers will be sent to the first hotel they will be staying at.

    Please note we will no longer ship package vouchers via UPS to a Guest’s home or a Travel Agency.

    Any Guests who include Disneyland Resort Express, Taxi or Limo transfers will receive their arrival vouchers via regular mail. These vouchers will be shipped out 10 days prior to arrival. Therefore, you and your Clients should expect to receive them approximately 5 days prior to arrival. No signature will be required for these vouchers.”

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