How FlatZacWilson’s adventure began

FlatZacWilson Castle

FlatZacWilson began as a fun way to share my family’s Walt Disney World vacation with friends and family back home. Each day FlatZacWilson would share his adventures on Facebook and interact with our friends. Posts would include “Where in DisneyWorld is #FlatZacWilson”, Ride photos, Character photos and more.


After the first day a friend suggested giving FlatZacWilson his own Instagram page and #FlatZacWilson was born. As the adventures continued through out our vacation the people around us began to take notice. Cast Members, other vacationers, complete strangers were very curious about FlatZacWilson. Everyone we met wanted to join the adventure. Even Walt Disney World Security randomly selected FlatZacWilson for a quick check to make sure he wasn’t a banned item (“Selfie-Stick”).

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When we returned home from our trip I discovered that FlatZacWilson had become popular very quickly. Many suggested that FlatZacWilson give reviews on restaurants, vacation spots, rides, and go on more adventures. In fact, many asked if they could join the adventure and take FlatZacWilson on their trips!
FlatZacWilson KatieFlatZacWilson began in January 2016 and I hope he continues to go on adventures for years to come.  If you would like to join the adventure and take FlatZacWilson on your next trip let me know! I love seeing all the amazing places he has gone, and I look forward to seeing where he will go next! Thanks to everyone who sends me fun and creative photos and videos of FlatZacWilson sharing your adventures.

As the adventure grows you can follow FlatZacWilson on Social Media:

  • Instagram: #FlatZacWilson
  • Twitter: @FlatZacWilson
  • YouTube: the FlatZacWilson channel
  • Blog:
  • I can’t wait try out Facebook Live or Periscope as well.

What started out as a “Selfie-Stick” so I could be in the pictures with my family: 

FlatZacWilson Family

Has become quite the adventurous roller-coaster ride!


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