Passport Tips You Need to Know!

Get a Passport, it’s worth the time and money!
Here are 6 Passport Tips you need to know:
1. Several US States photo ID’s (aka Drivers License) currently do not meet “Real ID” standards and beginning 2018 they will no longer be accepted at airports! If you have a Passport your problem is solved.
2. Cruises that begin and end at a US cruise port do not require a passport to cruise (all you need is a drivers license and official birth certificate); BUT, I recommend all my cruisers have a US Passport (book not card). Your ports of call are foreign countries, it’s best to have a passport for emergencies. For instance, if you have an emergency that causes you to cut your cruise short and fly home you won’t be allowed through customs at the airport without your Passport!
3. Get the App! Mobile Passport – Officially Authorized by CBP:
This app can save you time at customs at select cruise and air ports.
4. When traveling abroad take pictures or photocopies of your passport. Leave one copy with a trusted family member at home, and keep another copy hidden and separate from your real passport as you travel. Like it or not theft, pickpockets, or simply losing your passport while in a foreign country can cause you grief. In an emergency situation please go the nearest US Embassy. Having a copy of your passport either with you or provided by your family member can expedite the process of acquiring your replacement passport.
5. Be aware of the Passport 6 month validity rule! Many foreign countries require that your passport have at least 6 months remaining prior to expiration in order to enter their country. Be sure to check your expiration date when booking travel and get a new passport if it expires within 6 months of your travel dates.
6. BONUS TIP: Bob Hope once said “If you look like your passport photo you probably need the trip”! If this applies to you please contact me immediately, I’m happy to help you plan and book your next vacation.

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